Presidenta de Chile, Michelle Bachelet

Greeting from Her Excellency the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet Jeria, for Exponaval / Trans-Port 2016

Friends: Through these words, I have once again the honor to congratulate the organizers of the 10th version of Expo Naval and 5th of Trans-Port, performed by the Chilean Navy and FISA since 1998, with the strong support of the Government of Chile. This is the most important naval defense fair of Latin America. And it is an opportunity to welcome all who attend both events. These international exhibitions are a privileged space to promote our country inextricably linked to the sea by geography, by history and by economic opportunity. It is a platform for the development of the naval and maritime industry, and are essential to project Chile as a bridge between the Pacific South America and the Atlantic South America, a key aspect in our foreign policy towards the region. Exponaval and Trans-Port facilitate the meeting of product, system, equipment and service offers from the Defense Naval and Maritime sector with official delegations of the Armed Forces of Latin America and the maritime and port sectors in other countries, thereby helping to forge even closer links between the navies of fraternal countries and strengthen economic links that bind our nations. I would also like to congratulate you on the International Congress "Sustainability Challenges of Naval and Maritime Industry". Undoubtedly, the debate to be held there allow us to better address the challenges facing shipping and maritime industry in the twenty-first century. Taking care of our oceans will be crucial not only for our economic projection, but also for the quality of life of current and future generations. As a maritime country, Chile has assumed a leadership position in the formation of international agreements and the creation of Marine Protected Areas. My best wishes for success. I reiterate my warmest welcome to Chile and to the main naval and maritime trading platform in the region.


"Exponaval is an unique and specialized event, recognized on a global level as a fundamental instance for the projection of regional interests in both the naval and maritime fields. The implementation of an exposition such as this allows us to approach technological knowledge in a tangible way, providing a space for professionals from the maritime and defense areas to share their knowledge".

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Rebeca Uribe
Communications Director
Mario Estay
Communications Department Journalist
Phone (56-2) 25307232


Both fairs are important platforms for promoting regional and international relations in the defense field and for the growth of the associated naval and maritime industry. The Government of Chile, specially through the Ministry of National Defense will continue to support the efforts to make its fairs of naval defense and maritime and port increasingly larger and more representative.

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