AM Block

08:15 a 09:00 hrs

Registration. Coffee

09:00 a 09:05 hrs


VADM. Mr. Cristian Ramos - Director of Logistics - Chilean Navy


09:10 a 09:20 hrs


Ms. Gloria Hutt

President of the International Congress Exponaval & Transport 2018 and Minister of Transport and Telecomunications

09:25 a 09:45 hrs

Main Speaker

Mr. Lawrence Barchue

Assistant Secretary-General and Director for Member State Audit and Implementation, International Maritime Organization (IMO)

10:00 a 11:15 hrs

Panel 1: The Merchant Navy today

Chairman of the Panel: RADM LT. Mr. Otto Mrugalski

Director of Maritime Affairs and the Environment - Chilean Navy

1. Mr. Roberto Hetz President of the National Association of Shipowners. Topic: The 200 years of the National Merchant Navy. Evolution and future perspectives

2. Mr. Francisco Ulloa General Manager MAERSK Line West Coast South America. Topic: The Merchant Navy in the next decade.

3. Mr. José de Lara Vice President of the Spanish Maritime Cluster. Topic: The contribution of a maritime Cluster to the sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources.

11:15 a 11:45 hrs


11:45 a 13:30 hrs

Panel 2: Towards a port logistics integration

Chairman of the Panel: Mr. Roberto Hetz

President of the National Association of Shipowners

1. Mr. Daniel Fernández Consultora ABC Puertos

2. Mr. Edgar José Ramón Patiño Garrido Chairman. National Port Authority.

3. Ms. Dina Sierra Port and Ferrous Projects Manager. National infrastructure agency. Ministry of Transport, Colombia

4. Mr. Francisco Álvarez Port Company of Valparaíso

5. Mr. Michael Pal National Port Logistics Executive for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA)

PM Block

15:00 a 17:00 hrs

Panel 3: Naval Power scenarios in the 21st century

Chairman of the Panel: RADM Mr. José L. Fernandez

Director of Naval Systems Engineering

1. Spain - VADM Mr. Teodoro Lopez Navy Chief of Staff, Spanish Navy

2. Germany - VADM Mr. Andreas Krause Inspector General Armada de Alemania, German Navy

3. Chile - RADM Mr. Yerko Marcic Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Chilean Navy

4. Brazil - Admiral Mr. Junior Ilques Barbosa Navy Chief of Staff, Brazilian Navy