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Saab becomes the new sponsor of Exponaval 2024

The meeting point for the naval and maritime industry in Latin America will take place from December 3 to 6, 2024 in Valparaíso.

Publicada: Monday 12 de February del 2024
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Exponaval 2024 continues at full speed with its organization and among the main novelties of the exhibition that will be held from December 3 to 6 at the Passenger Terminal of the Port of Valparaíso, is the confirmation of a new sponsor.

This is Saab, a Swedish company, leader in security systems and solutions, which will once again be part of Exponaval, consolidating its leadership in the sector thanks to its renowned seal: world-class naval technology and innovative products.

“As an official sponsor of Exponaval 2024, Saab values this opportunity to address solutions and ideas that meet the needs and requirements of local and regional users, as well as potential new customers in the marine industry,” the company said.

Saab offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions related to naval platforms, such as the advanced A26 submarines, as well as the renowned IC16-20 and CB 90 fast interceptor vessels.

Also noteworthy are its naval sensors, such as the CMS 9LV combat management solution, the EOS500 and CEROS200 electro-optical systems, state-of-the-art Sea Giraffe surveillance radars (1X, AMB, 4A), naval electronic warfare systems (ESM and Comint), and the RBS15 anti-ship missile. In addition, Saab’s wide range of solutions includes Seaeye ROVs, the SLWT light torpedo, the Trackfire remote weapons station, AIS transponders, among others.


Saab in Latin America

Saab has extensive experience in collaborating with customers in the region and around the world. Innovation and collaboration are part of its DNA. Developing mutually beneficial industrial cooperation projects in the countries where it operates is its business model and a fundamental part of its success, and it is precisely what will be reflected in a new edition of Exponaval 2024.

The company also works with the triple helix model, i.e. through international collaboration between industry, academia and government to promote innovation.

Currently, Saab has many projects for the renewal or upgrade of platforms in the different armed forces of several countries in the region, where its products generate significant interest.

In short, Saab is present in the region with a team that is increasingly close to its customers to better address any of their requirements and support them in their current and future programs.

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