Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Juan Andrés De La Maza:

“ExpoNaval gives us the possibility to establish a personal relationship with the Navies of different countries of the world”

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Press ExpoNaval 2022 –

The most important International Naval Exhibition and Congress for the maritime defense of Latin America 2022 (ExpoNaval 2022), is in full swing for its new version to be held between November 29 and December 2, at the Valparaiso Port Passenger Terminal, in the Valparaiso Region. ExpoNaval 2022 seeks to be a meeting point for representatives of navies from more than 35 countries, promoting innovations and technological solutions in naval defense and maritime security. It should be noted that the fair will have more than 160 exhibiting companies, will have more than 500 business meetings and expects to receive 35 thousand professional visitors. In a conversation with the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Juan Andrés De La Maza, he gave the details of the meeting, which aims to reaffirm the important role of the naval industry in Chile, show local developments of goods, products and services oriented to the industry, introduce new technologies not available in Chile to the market, exchange experiences, technologies and international developments with local agents, and deliver effective solutions to the navies of Latin America. 1.- Why is it important for Chile and its Navy to host Expo Naval? Exponaval is the most important fair on naval and maritime issues in the region, so it is of special relevance that, after the pandemic, its face-to-face activities are resumed. It is an international forum where topics of interest to all the navies of the world are discussed, particularly those of the Pacific basin, so it is very important to continue to be part of it. Chile has a luxury fair and we must maintain and promote it. 2.- What are the specific expectations regarding this international fair, which is once again in Valparaiso and which was suspended due to the COVID 19 pandemic? High. ExpoNaval has a well-deserved and well-earned prestige, so we are very happy to return to the fair after two years of the pandemic. The interaction between exhibitors and visitors, as well as the different technical conferences, take on special relevance when they are face to face, beyond a screen. Likewise, this fair gives us the opportunity to interact among the different Marinas that come to participate in the meeting. It is necessary to emphasize that this fair was suspended the last two years, but with this new version we resume its execution, which began in 1998 and has more than 20 years, making this year the XII version. 3.-Clearly, maritime trade has been interrupted and affected by the pandemic situations and world crises that affect us. Do you think it is positive that these issues are discussed at these fairs? It will always be positive that there are discussion forums on maritime issues, which are of maximum concern for countries like Chile, where more than 95% of the exchange of products is done through the sea. The scenario is also conducive for these exchanges of opinions to be at the highest level, so I reiterate, it is very positive. 4.- Chile is developing a Continuous Shipbuilding Program and the attendance of important shipyards from all over the world has been confirmed. How do you think it could contribute to the programs carried out by the Navy? The exchange of experiences is always valuable and necessary. Chile has been building ships for more than 50 years, progressively increasing the capacities of our shipyards, so the experience that other relevant actors in the shipbuilding area can contribute is always valued. Shipbuilding in Chile is a great opportunity for everyone, not only for the Shipyard and Shipyards of the Navy (ASMAR), but we also have other actors in the country that can also be part of this, which we invite to join. 5.- We know that you are coming from the Indo-Pacific conference held in early May in Australia, where one of the great experiences was the possibility of building trust among the countries of the Region. Do you think this can be replicated to achieve the same in this Fair? Interregional spaces for dialogue, exchange of ideas and discussions in forums are undoubtedly fertile grounds for building relationships of trust and good understanding. I am fully confident that ExpoNaval will achieve this objective to the full, since the guests know and are aware of the prestige of the fair, as well as the professional quality of those who attend it. This meeting gives us the possibility to establish a personal relationship with Marinas from different countries around the world. It is always an opportunity to meet people face to face for contact.

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