Expo Naval is organized by FISA S.A. of the GL events Group.

FISA S.A.,, is the creator of Chile’s exhibitions sector, with more than 60 years of experience, which today has a portfolio of +15 exhibitions and congresses of the country’s main productive sectors, bringing together more than 5 thousand brands, +2,000 exhibitors, and 200 thousand visitors every year.

GL events,, was incorporated in France in 1978, and today is a global player with presence in more than 20 countries, with a portfolio of +300 exhibitions, it manages more than 40 venues totaling more than 1 million m2, organizes more than 4,000 events, several of them in the audiovisual sector, receiving more than 11 million visitors and exhibitors every year.

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Cordinador Congreso

Andrés García

Fono: +56934592960 - 56 2 25307222

[email protected]


Verónica Uribe

[email protected]

56993265899 - 56 2 25307218


Cristián Larraín

[email protected]

+56952087993 - 56 2 25307253

Servicio al expositor

Karoll Farfán

[email protected]

+56964778561 - 562 25307220