Former Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, Vice Admiral (r) Michael Noonan, will speak at the ExpoNaval International Congress: “The implications of being a maritime power”

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During the upcoming ExpoNaval 2022 fair to be held in Valparaiso between November 29 and December 2, it has been confirmed that during the International Congress “The challenges for a maritime condition in the 21st Century”, to be held on Wednesday, November 30, the former Chief of the Royal Australian Navy, VA (R) Michael Noonan will speak on the topic: “The implications of being a maritime power”. VA ( R ) Noonan served as Chief of Navy of the Royal Australian Navy from July 6, 2018 to July 6, 2022. VA Noonan has studied Business Administration, Maritime Policy, Marketing Communications and International Relations at the Universities of Queensland, Wollogong, Canberra in Australia and Salve Regina in the USA, respectively. Prior to serving as Chief of Navy, he served as Commander, Border Protection from 2013 to 2015, 2016 as Deputy Chief of Navy, succeeding VA Tim Barret as Chief of Navy in 2018. During his command, he was in charge of the decision-making process for the incorporation of nuclear submarines to the Australian fleet, facing the disasters caused by the great forest fires and the Covid emergency in 2020, additionally, he stood out for being a close leader, especially with the young sailors, as well as maintaining a strong contact with the Indo-Pacific countries, among which Chile is included. VA Noonan has visited Chile twice, for the 2018 Bicentennial of the Chilean Navy and in 2021 on the occasion of the successful transfer of two Adelaide class frigates to the Chilean Navy, enhancing the ties of union and friendship with our Navy. Additionally, he serves as Senior Fellow of the Chilean think tank Athenalab, an institute specialized in Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense issues.

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