Conference Program

Expo Naval 2022 will take place during 4 days with a complete of Seminar and Technical Talks program in some of these or other topics linked to the present and future of the naval sector. A main stage as well as a conference room with all the necessary infrastructure will be implemented so that the rapporteurs and attendees can participate, either live or through our Expo Naval Connect platform.

Access Expo Naval

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Cordinador Congreso

Andrés García

Fono: +56934592960 - 56 2 25307222

[email protected]


Verónica Uribe

[email protected]

56993265899 - 56 2 25307218


Cristián Larraín

[email protected]

+56952087993 - 56 2 25307253

Servicio al expositor

Karoll Farfán

[email protected]

+56964778561 - 562 25307220