Why attend?

Expo Naval will have an exhibition area of more than 14,500 m2 that will accommodate around 160 exhibitors of technologies, goods, products and services allowing bringing together in one place all the stakeholders linked to the maritime and naval defense industry.

In addition, visitors will be able to participate in presentations, activations, demonstrations, among other activities, either in person or through our Expo Naval Connect platform.

Access Expo Naval

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Cordinador Congreso

Andrés García

Fono: +56934592960 - 56 2 25307222

[email protected]


Verónica Uribe

[email protected]

56993265899 - 56 2 25307218


Cristián Larraín

[email protected]

+56952087993 - 56 2 25307253

Servicio al expositor

Karoll Farfán

[email protected]

+56964778561 - 562 25307220