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With the presence of international naval delegations and companies from 40 countries, EXPONAVAL and TRANS-PORT 2018 culminate

With a successful balance in terms of number of visitors, and contacts made between Armed, companies and suppliers, the 11th version of EXPONAVAL, and the 6th TRANS-PORT, one of the most important events of its kind that

Publicada: Thursday 5 de September del 2019
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With a successful balance in terms of number of visitors, and contacts made between Armed, companies and suppliers, the 11th version of EXPONAVAL, and the 6th TRANS-PORT, one of the most important events of its kind that ended on Friday, December 7, ended. they are carried out in Latin America, organized by the Chilean Navy and FISA, which in four days gathered about 9,000 visits at the Concón Aeronaval Base. In the exhibition, which this year was developed on an area of close to 14,500 m2, its products were exhibited by more than 160 leading companies in technology and operational solutions for both the defense and maritime-port industry, 70% of them foreign. The strong international presence of the exhibition was confirmed by the presence of exhibitors and naval delegations from 40 countries, which between Tuesday 4 and Friday 7 December held numerous meetings aimed at establishing contacts and developing business lines. In parallel, nine foreign ships from seven countries participated in EXPONAVAL: BH “Ark of Peace” of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy. People´s Republic of China; HMS “Montrose” F-236. Royal Navy, United Kingdom; ARC “20 de Julio” PZE-46. Colombian Navy; USS “Somerset” LPD-25. US Navy, United States; USS “Wayne E. Meyer” DDG 108. US Navy, United States; ARM “Chiapas” P-165. Mexican Navy; BAP Pisco, Peruvian Navy; BAP Río Cañete Peruvian Navy; and the missile corvette CM-12 “Manabí” of the Ecuadorian Navy. Objectives met The Executive Director of EXPONAVAL and TRANS-PORT 2018, Carlos Parada, explained that “in the Latin American naval and maritime scenario there are projected investments of around US $ 800 million, and this fair that takes place every two years in Chile is an important link within of those purchasing processes, as an effective meeting point between shipping companies, naval institutions, port companies and suppliers of products and services with state-of-the-art technology for their activities”. In that sense, Parada added that “the projected commercial objectives were met according to the initial balance. We had a positive impact due to the presence of numerous international naval delegations headed by senior officials, as well as important executives of the maritime-port sector, which allows us to project a highly positive scope to the meetings held with the various exhibiting companies present at the fair”. “These are professional and business fairs, which are focused on limited scenarios, but the fact of incorporating the private and civil world also gives them an important connotation, because everything that has to do with military activity in the maritime scenario It aims to safeguard civil activity, presenting two very complementary exhibitions, and whose next version in 2020 we have already begun to prepare”, he said. Demonstrations and International Conference In addition to the exhibition of products and services, at the Concón Aeronaval Base, several demonstration exercises were also carried out by exhibiting companies, while 1,200 troops, together with the LPD “Sargento Aldea”, the Type 23 frigate “Almirante Lynch”, the OPV “Piloto Pardo”, airplanes and helicopters, were deployed by the Chilean Navy at La Boca beach in Concón within the framework of the Great Demonstration Exercise, in order to raise awareness of the operational capabilities of naval personnel and material equipment before a natural disaster situation with support to the civil population, an activity that was attended, among others, by Commanders in Chief and senior officers of foreign naval delegations attending the Fair. In parallel with the fair, on Wednesday 5, the International Congress of EXPONAVAL and TRANS-PORT 2018 was held, entitled “Naval and Maritime Industry, Agenda 2030”, which included the intervention of the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt, the Assistant Secretary General and Director of Audit and Implementation of the Member State of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Lawrence Barchue, and the realization of three panels where featured national and international exhibitors from the port and naval areas, addressing the issues “Merchant Marine today”, ” Towards port logistics integration”, ” Scenarios of Naval Power in the 21st Century”. These exhibitions were the perfect scenario, in addition to other complementary activities, such as the Seminar “Cybersecurity in Maritime Operations”, organized by the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies; the Workshop “Oceanographic observation and monitoring systems”, organized by the Altas Latitudes Dynamic Ecosystem Research Center (IDEAL) of the Austral University of Chile, the University of Valparaíso and the National Oceanographic Committee (CONA); and the exhibition about the shipwreck of the “Itata” steam occurred in 1922, which featured the pre-release of a documentary about the biggest maritime catastrophe in Chile.

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