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The Second Sea Lord of the British Navy is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the Exponaval 2024 International Congress

Vice Admiral Martin Connell of the Royal Navy will be actively participating in the exhibition, taking place from December 3 to 6 at the Port of Valparaíso Passenger Terminal.

Publicada: Thursday 6 de June del 2024
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As a prominent figure in navies worldwide and occupying a position of historical significance, Vice Admiral Martin Connell assumed the role of Second Sea Lord of the British Royal Navy in 2022, concurrently serving as the Head of Naval Personnel and Coastal Establishments across Great Britain.

In early December, Vice Admiral Martin Connell will journey to Chile to engage in one of the most significant gatherings in maritime defense across Latin America: Exponaval. The event, taking place from December 3 to 6 at the Port of Valparaíso Passenger Terminal, is poised to be a pivotal hub for the defense, shipbuilding, and security industries in the region.

“We are honored to welcome a distinguished figure like the Second Sea Lord of the British Navy, Vice Admiral Martin Connell, to our event. We anticipate his visit will foster valuable connections with fellow global representatives,” remarked Rodrigo Lobo, General Manager of Fisa, a member of the GL Events Group and organizer of the exhibition.

With extensive experience in program direction and communication at the executive level, Vice Admiral Connell will deliver a keynote address on December 4 as part of the Exponaval 2024 International Congress.

“His wealth of experience and illustrious career, including roles such as British Naval Attaché in Washington, D.C., Director of Force Generation for the Royal Navy, Rear Admiral of the Fleet Air Arm, and oversight of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier program, underscores his expertise,” noted Rodrigo Bastidas, Manager of Exponaval 2024.

Vice Admiral Connell is a graduate of the United States Naval War College, having completed the Naval Command College course. His distinguished career at sea commenced as a Lynx helicopter observer, progressing to senior warfare officer roles.

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