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Naval Development in Chile: First icebreaker built in Chile and Latin America will exceed US$210 million investment

It will be the largest vessel built in the country, which demonstrates the development and promotion of the naval industry in the country.

Publicada: Monday 13 de June del 2022
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It will be the largest vessel built in the country, which demonstrates the intention to develop the local shipbuilding industry, providing opportunities for local suppliers. Likewise, to reaffirm the role at local level, the XII International Naval Exhibition and Congress, the largest in Latin America, will be held in Valparaíso. The first icebreaker ship manufactured in Chile and Latin America, “Almirante Óscar Viel”, which is being assembled at the Asmar shipyard in Talcahuano, will be launched at sea in December 2022, when a new construction stage will begin, this time afloat. The “Antarctica I” project, which will place the country at the forefront of the protection and projection of the Antarctic continent and its surrounding area, consists of an icebreaker for the Chilean Navy, which, among its roles, considers search and rescue tasks in the event of possible maritime, aerial or land disasters on the Antarctic continent, with the support of embarked helicopters, rescue boats, and an infirmary with surgical capabilities. The future vessel will enhance Chile’s Antarctic scientific capabilities, allowing it to reach 650 kilometers further south than the previous icebreaker “Óscar Viel”, which was decommissioned in 2019 and sunk last year during a naval air combat exercise with the U.S. Navy, could navigate. Currently, the construction is more than 60% complete, according to the Navy’s Shipyards and Shipyards. The systems associated with the main structure, such as propulsion, steering, lateral bow propeller, electronic equipment and habitability, are currently being installed. The vessel, which is 111 meters long and has a displacement of 10,500 tons, is the largest vessel ever built in the country, and represents an investment of more than US$ 210 million. In addition, it will be able to operate for 250 days a year (twice as long as the previous vessel), including incursions between November and March in the area between the South Shetland Islands and Alexander I, where the Antarctic Peninsula begins. Construction is currently more than 60% complete. After the work afloat, which will take place between December and July 2023, the preparation of the systems necessary for the “Viel” to begin its port trials will begin, a milestone set for December 2023. The goal is for the icebreaker to be completed in August 2024, and to set sail for its first Antarctic campaign at the end of that year. EXPONAVAL In view of the importance of reaffirming the role of the naval industry in Chile and highlighting its development and progress, the XII International Naval Exhibition and Congress, the largest in Latin America, ExpoNaval 2022, will be held between November 29 and December 2. The international meeting to be held at the Passenger Terminal, Port Valparaiso, will show the local progress of goods, products and services oriented to the naval industry. It will also introduce to the market new technologies not available in the country, exchange experiences with local and international agents, and present effective solutions to the navies of Latin America. In this way, commercial relationships and contact networks will be established, and the innovation and development of the sector will be made known. The International Exhibition and Congress will be the meeting point for representatives of navies from more than 35 countries in Latin America, Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, and for exhibitors from the global defense industry, shipyards, technology, security, telecommunications, among others. For this new version, the fair will have more than 160 exhibiting companies, will have more than 500 business meetings and expects to receive 35 thousand professional visitors. Source: El Mercurio

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