Main News Rodrigo Lobo, General Manager (a) of FISA, and the launch of ExpoNaval 2024.

“Our expectation is to continue being the most relevant naval, security and defense fair in Latin America”.

• The executive of the organizing company anticipates the latest news of the next version of the exhibition and gives some approximations of what promises to be the business center of an industry that will bring together thousands of exhibitors, visitors and delegations from all over the world.

Publicada: Tuesday 21 de November del 2023
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• The exhibition will be launched this Wednesday, November 22. The event will take place at 7 p.m. at the Club Naval de Valparaíso.
• The meeting is organized by FISA of the GL events group and will be held from December 3 to 6, 2024, at the Passenger Terminal of Valparaiso, Chile.

– What are the main axes of the new edition of Expo Naval?

– ExpoNaval 2024 is a naval and defense fair, and is a specialized event that brings together companies, government organizations and industry professionals. These fairs provide a space where a wide range of products and technologies related to security and defense are exhibited and presented. That is why it could be said that the main axes will be “security”, as one of the major concerns of citizens, and the theme around the “defense industries” and their contributions and benefits to the development of a country.

– Are there any novelties in terms of equipment or particular features of what exhibitors will showcase in this version?

– The novelties will be related to the knowledge of what the defense industries do and can contribute to national growth; in terms of the contribution of sources of employment, support to entrepreneurs and innovators. We are convinced that in this aspect there is a tremendous challenge in which ExpoNaval can be a tremendous contribution.

– What kind of collaborations and alliances have been developed around the fair?

– In the first place, we have the collaboration and sponsorship of the Chilean Navy and different government ministries. We have had several meetings with authorities and especially with the Armed Forces and Public Security institutions, where we believe that ExpoNaval 2024 can provide them with the space to find efficient solutions, through exhibitors, and also to bring together foreign companies that are willing to invest or collaborate with national defense industries.

– What expectations have been generated around ExpoNaval?

– Our expectations are to continue being the most relevant naval, security and defense fair in Latin America and to continue being a platform to show advances in research and development in the field of military and naval technology, especially in the exhibition of prototypes of new technologies, next generation systems and innovative concepts.

– What milestone does the launch next Wednesday, November 22 set?

– Trade shows provide opportunities for Defense industry professionals and institutions to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices, so this launch of ExpoNaval 2024 will hopefully begin to foster collaboration, knowledge, and learning among participants.

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