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TEK CHILE will present Unmanned Systems from TELEDYNE FLIR, MARTIN UAV and QUANTUM SYSTEMS in Expo Naval 2022

TEK Chile is the official distributor of TELEDYNE FLIR, MARTIN UAV and QUANTUM SYSTEMS unmanned systems for the territory of Chile.

Publicada: Monday 21 de November del 2022
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TEK Chile is the official distributor of TELEDYNE FLIR, MARTIN UAV and QUANTUM SYSTEMS unmanned systems for the territory of Chile. Our wide range of field-proven systems allows us to supply and support users in the area of national defense, police security and government agencies, with uninterrupted ISR capabilities, fundamental for critical missions, decision making, strategic tactics compliance, situational awareness and maintaining the safety of human personnel. TELEDYNE FLIR. Packbot 525 Unmanned ground system (UGS) prepared for explosives detection and disposal (EOD) missions, safe handling of hazardous materials – HazMat and CRBN substances, keeping operators out of harm’s way through reliable, thorough and accurate maneuvers. It has 4 high resolution cameras, a maximum lifting capacity of 20 kg and accessories such as disruptor guns and CRBN detection sensors. Black Hornet 3 PRS Nano UAS, unmatched in its weight/size category with a low sound and visual footprint. With an aircraft weight of 33 g and total operator weight of 1.5 kg, it delivers immediate covert situational awareness for tactical and ISR operations. With a range of 2 km and autonomy of 25 minutes, the nano UAV withstands wind gusts up to 35km/h. SkyRanger R70 Group-1 Multimission UAS, a versatile, reliable and well-performing quadcopter, proven in the most demanding operating environments. Compatible with a wide range of high-resolution optical EO and IR sensors, as well as non-optical sensors for SIGINTEL, CRBN substance detection and intermediaries to employ airborne node for Tactical Networks. Military standards, autonomy of 45 minutes, range of 8 km, withstands winds of 65 km/h and gusts of 90 km/h. Martin UAV V-BAT 128 is a group-3 VTOL fixed-wing UAS, ideal for maritime and land operations, with a 10-hour endurance, operational altitude of 20,000 ft and a range of 130 km / 70 min. V-Bat’s ease of transport, rapid deployment, take-off/landing capability in confined areas and good performance in adverse conditions, allow for maximum performance in ISR operations. V-Bat is currently selected by the U.S. Navy and SOCOM for the MTUAS Increment II program, and is operational throughout the world in the U.S.-NATO, the Middle East and Brazil. Quantum Systems VECTOR is a group-2 VTOL fixed-wing UAS, rapidly deployable by tactical backpack carrying, easy arming/disarming. Its communications are used through a tactical radio. Its design similar to a glider allows a light sound footprint, together with a more efficient flight performance, being able to cover operating ranges from 15 to 25 km with 120 minutes autonomy. Galvion Squad Power Management – SPM 622 is an intelligent power management system to meet the growing challenge of modern operators: keeping their equipment powered with as little weight as possible. SPM allows to collect energy from different available sources such as vehicle batteries, military batteries, solar energy and others; to distribute and manage to the different electronic devices, such as GPS, NVG, UAS, UGS, cell phones, computers, tactical radios, etc. Triangula Triangula detects and positions gunshots using cell phones as sensors. The world’s most advanced gunshot detection system can be deployed in minutes by installing the Triangula Scout app on a minimum of three or more cell phones (running on Android 10+ or iOS 14+). No special hardware is required and no calibration process is necessary. Shot detection is real-time and the system can cover large areas in diverse environments. -Triangula can identify caliber, weapon category and silencer use. Triangula’s shot positioning is virtually real-time, where the shooter is displayed on the map within 4 seconds. -Triangula will estimate the direction of a shot, calculating the direction for subsonic and supersonic ammunition. -Triangula can locate a shot within 10 meters at a distance of 800 meters. -The detection range of a rifle in an open environment is typically up to 2.5 kilometers, and the range of a small caliber pistol in a city center can be up to 300 meters.

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