Ocean Scan and Underdeep Solutions will show the latest in search and rescue technology at Exponaval 2022

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From November 29 to December 2 you will be able to visit us at our stand and learn about our advanced and technological equipment, as well as talk to the team of professionals that allow us to develop the various operations that we perform for our customers in Chile and abroad. These are some of the equipments that will be exposed to the public and of which they will be able to know their characteristics and operation. Two of them are the Side Scan Sonar (Side Scan Sonar). Both equipments allow, by means of the principle of acoustic backscattering, to generate an image of the seabed, in addition to search and rescue applications. These systems have the technology and the capacity to identify elements on the seabed, identifying sunken ships and anchors, performing inspections of the seabed for ports and maritime terminals, as well as underwater search and rescue. The first of these sonars is the MA-X View 600 System, which is a high resolution sonar system, therefore, specially designed to search for very small elements on the seabed and with a great image quality. It is also important to note that it is one of the most technologically advanced equipment within the Side Scan Sonar family manufactured by the renowned Klein Marine brand. The MA-X View 600 system also has a new technology called GAP FILLER, an acoustic technology that allows filling the acoustic shadow zones in the central part of the data acquisition, which reduces operation times, increasing efficiency by 40% in data acquisition without the need for overlapping information. The second Side Scan Sonar system that we will exhibit is the Klein 5000v2, which is a high depth system capable of operating at depths of up to 500m. This system is a multibeam technology system, being one of the most resolutive in image for high depth. The Klein 5000 v2 is an ideal system for identification of elements and shipwrecks, in addition to search operations at high depths, as well as offshore marine geophysical survey studies. Along with them, we want to highlight our Falcon DR 1000, which is a high depth ROV system. Its manufacturers SAAB SEAEYE are one of the most important and recognized companies in underwater technology and robotics, being one of the leading brands in Oil, Gas and Energy industries. One of the most important features of this ROV is that it was specially designed to withstand hostile working environments, with great autonomy and with great capacity to carry out underwater operations, searches and inspections at depths of up to 1000 m. Our ROV Falcon DR-1000 is equipped with a high resolution camera, USBL acoustic positioning system, high resolution 2D Teledyne Blue View sonar and a five-function manipulator and short light line. The Falcon’s success in different industries comes from its reliability, appreciated by its pilots to work in places, in addition to its power, agility and stability with strong currents and adverse conditions being equipped with different sensors and devices. Finally, we highlight the exhibition of our 2 MBES systems Teledyne T50-R Extended Range and Norbit Winghead i77h. Two of the most valued high resolution multibeam systems in the market of Bathymetry systems technologies to carry out high precision hydrographic works and with SHOA hydrographic value for ports and maritime terminals.

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