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Franco Gandolfo, General Manager of EPV, remarked, “We could not remain oblivious to an event of this magnitude, especially when it takes place in our own city”

For the second consecutive time, EPV will serve as the official sponsor of the event, with the Passenger Terminal it manages hosting the most significant international exhibition and congress in Latin America for the defense, naval construction, and security industries.

Publicada: Thursday 13 de June del 2024
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Franco Gandolfo, EPV’s General Manager, discussed with Expo Naval the company’s participation in the upcoming event, scheduled from December 3rd to 6th in Valparaíso.

– What significance do you attribute to EPV being the official sponsor of Exponaval?

Being able to participate as the official sponsor for the second consecutive time fills us with great pride. This event is renowned worldwide and is now heading towards its thirteenth edition, demonstrating evident evolution and garnering increasing expectations from both attendees and the general public. As a port, we cannot overlook an event of such magnitude, particularly when it takes place in our city and in our Cruise Passenger Terminal.

– What are your expectations for the exhibition?

Expectations grow higher with each edition. As always, there will be distinguished exhibitors and guests enlightening us with the latest trends in the naval industry, as well as complementary aspects such as logistics, which greatly interest us to hear about firsthand advancements occurring here and in different parts of the world. In today’s times, we cannot afford to neglect the evolution of our industry, particularly in areas like technology, which is undergoing constant and rapid advancements.

– How do these initiatives or gatherings contribute to the development of the port industry?

Participating in these instances is significant for showcasing advancements in industries related to the maritime sector and, of course, regarding port logistics. In our case, we are at a pivotal moment for the city of Valparaíso, having recently signed the “Agreement for Valparaíso” in the presence of the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric. This agreement, supported by over 30 organizations and institutions of the city,

entails clear commitments aimed at revitalizing our city. Among the aspects covered in the agreement, which will be important to expose in this instance, are advancements in port expansion and complementary works, such as the construction of a new cruise pier, new storage yards, the new coastal site, and the expansion of site 3, among others. Additionally, we will present progress on other urban port initiatives committed to in the agreement, such as the Strategic Coastal Zone Plan, aiming to enhance the 11 kilometers of coastline the municipal community possesses to promote its uses and generate greater well-being for the inhabitants of Valparaíso. Concurrently, projects like Parque Barón and the Port Center on Muelle Prat are under construction or in the design phase, along with a package of initiatives aimed at transforming Valparaíso into a shining city once again.

– What aspect would you highlight regarding EPV’s role in innovation and the challenge of sustainability?

For some time now, Puerto Valparaíso has been vigorously promoting both innovation and sustainability, not only within our industry but also in other areas. Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand and are not always related to technological transformations. In our case, we have innovated in areas such as creating the country’s first logistics community, the first Port Community System (PCS) named Silogport, now in its third generation with significant technological advances, the first logistics support zone or pre-port with the construction of Zeal, the first instance of dialogue between the port and its community through “Valparaíso Dialoga,” and the first agreement between the city and its port.

All these actions were undertaken with a sustainable focus over time and with a commitment to caring for and respecting the environment and its people, understanding that the port company plays a social, economic, and environmental role within the city where we operate. Undoubtedly, we continue on this path for future projects and initiatives because we are convinced that it is the right way to continue contributing positively to Valparaíso and the country’s foreign trade.

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