At ExpoNaval 2022, official launch of ACQ2020, a new high-level decontaminant, takes place

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At ExpoNaval 2022, Dr. Laura Börgel presented “Innovation ACQ2020, Improved Activity Hydrogen Peroxide”, presenting a non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable product, with proven activity as a virucide, bactericide, fungicide and sporicide. It is an efficient, decontaminating and reliable solution, since it is non-corrosive, innocuous and of very low conductivity. Its use in the Defense Area is very efficient as it is non-corrosive, low conductivity, non-toxic and harmless for living beings. Its use in electronic systems, command and control consoles, camouflage textiles and clothing of all kinds, are a solution to contaminated surfaces. It is also used in the preservation and handling of human corpses, either in the use of special or normal mortuary bags. In addition, in places with high traffic and massive access of people and vehicles, its extraordinary reliability and efficiency has been demonstrated, especially against risks of Covid 19 and other pathogens, through the use of arches and disinfection tunnels. Technical questions and doubts of interest, visit our SISDEF Stand or a private technical meeting through Mr. Eliseo Sepùlveda Bustos or Ms. Tamara Flores, Sisdef.

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