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Saab will exhibit the A26 submarine, the CB90 launch and the CMS 9LV at the Chilean Exponaval exhibition

Saab promotes these solutions to the region’s navies that need to renew their surface and submarine forces.

Publicada: Monday 18 de July del 2022
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Saab promotes these solutions to the region’s navies that need to renew their surface and submarine forces. Saab will present at the XII International Naval and Maritime Exhibition and Conference for Latin America, Exponaval 2022, its portfolio of naval products among which the variants of the A26 submarine, the CB90H Docksta speedboat and the CMS 9LV combat management system will stand out in this version. Exponaval is a meeting point that has brought together Latin American navies and exhibitors from the global defense and maritime industry in Chile since 1998. Organized by Fisa, a company of the French group GL Events, the new edition will be held at the Puerto Valparaiso Passenger Terminal between November 29 and December 2, 2022. “Feeling safe is a basic human need and, as we see it, a human right. Through systems and solutions that increase safety, we can make it possible,” Saab told the Exponaval news portal. Saab also highlighted that “we have participated in previous editions and the event has allowed us to successfully present our naval solutions to the Chilean Navy and Navies of the region, creating strong long-term links with the institutions”. In addition to the A26 and CMS 9LV, which are solutions for the region’s navies that need to renew their surface and submarine forces, the group will exhibit the Eos 500 and Ceros 200 electro-optical sensors, electronic warfare equipment and Sea Giraffe surveillance radars, among others. A high-level event Exponaval aims to reaffirm the important role of the naval industry in Chile; to showcase local developments of goods, products and services oriented to this sector; to introduce new technologies not available in Chile; to exchange experiences, technologies and international developments with local agents, and to deliver effective solutions to Latin American navies. The fair will be held in an area of 14,500 square meters, will have more than 160 exhibiting companies, will have more than 500 business meetings and expects to receive 35,000 professional visitors who will be able to learn about innovations and technological solutions in naval defense and maritime security. Exponaval will present in this edition various topics in its international congress, which will have as its central theme The Challenges for a Maritime Condition in the 21st Century, and will include the panels The relevance of being a Maritime Power and The Case of Chile; How are we doing? The first panel is aimed at analyzing the impulse for new technologies, increased job creation and the training and development of human capital, while the second will report on the country’s current progress in naval terms, its advantages and opportunities for the future. Exponaval will also have a Cycle of Technical Conferences that will allow the attending companies to promote new technologies and solutions in a wide range of topics related to the naval world, in addition to demonstrative exercises in the port of Valparaiso. Source:

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