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For the first time: ExpoNaval 2024 will have a tourism stand on the Valparaiso Region

The exhibition will take place between 3 and 6 December.

Publicada: Tuesday 9 de July del 2024
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ExpoNaval 2024, to be held between 3 and 6 December at the Valparaíso Passenger Terminal, will for the first time have a stand promoting tourism in the Region. The exhibition will allow exhibitors and participants to see the attractions and services that can be found in the territory. This action is the result of a joint collaboration with the organization and partners of the instance, FISA of the GL events Group and the Chilean Navy, with the Regional Direction of Sernatur Valparaiso, being an important showcase for tourism promotion, both for the more than 120 participating companies and for the 10 thousand professional visitors, from more than 45 countries, who will participate in the event. Vice Admiral Leonardo Chavez, Director General of the Navy Services, stressed that “being sponsors of ExpoNaval is very important for the Navy, since internally it allows to increase the professional culture of each of the servants who attend, having direct contact with the latest developments in each of the areas of naval defence in the international arena; and towards the community, this fair will help to promote national maritime awareness and the development of national maritime interests”. Rodrigo Bastidas, Manager of ExpoNaval, stressed that “we are very happy to hold the fair in Valparaíso, to be a real contribution to the city and its ecosystem, given that as a fair we move around 150 companies, most of them international, who carry out all their activities in Valparaíso, spending an average of 350 dollars per person per day. We hope to have a solid impact on the region’s economy, for which the alliance with Sernatur is fundamental for the promotion and use of local tourist services”. Finally, Marcelo Vidal, Regional Director of Sernatur, added that “we appreciate and highlight the great opportunity to involve the tourism industry, both the Chilean Navy and FISA. International meetings of this category, in addition to contributing to hotel occupancy and spending in the destination, are a showcase for the regional image and, therefore, for Chile”. Source: SoyChile.

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